Thursday, 7 July 2016

Low Light Camcorder Comparison

I have found a curious video where the author is comparing three low light camcorder models with each other. You don't have to consider exactly these camcorders for buying, since these models are outdated and you can get a far better low light camcorder for a good price. The curiosity of the video is about how low light amplifier works and how the processor itself can add a natural lighting to the video. You don't actually have to put any professional lights in the room to make it bright enough for your video. So, enjoy the video!

Friday, 1 July 2016

Why Do You Need a Low Light Camcorder

Why would you even need a low light camcorder on the first place? It doesn't really matter what exactly you are filming a family memory video, a school project short film or a professional horror movie. In the ideal situation you always want to have the perfect lights. To provide the perfect lighting conditions you might need professional lighting equipment which on the other hand may cost you a fortune. It's totally fine and a good investment especially if you are filming a movie paid by sponsors. But if you are a student or an amateur film maker, then it might not be reasonable to spend on lighting equipment even more money than the camcorder costs. For this reason low light camcorder is the perfect solution.

So basically as you can imagine from its name, low light camcorder is the one that allows you to film in the low light conditions. I have to say that even if you have professional equipment, not always you will want to use it to provide the lights. There are a lot of situations when you want to shoot some episodes in a totally natural lights. In this case you can't get away without a solid low light camcorder. 

Another situation you might face with is when you are filming some situational episodes of  your happy family. Not always you want to film on the daylight or with proper lights on in your house. It can happen somewhere outside in the evening or at night. If you are going to shoot it with a normal camcorder, then you are not going to see anything. If you are going to shoot with a in-built flash light that comes with a camcorder, it's not going to be as good spread light of high quality as it would be with a good low light camcorder. 

What is the actual difference between a normal camcorder and a low light one is that the low light camcorder has the ability to pass through the higher volume of light. Just like some DSLR photo cameras and low light lenses do. You can also compare it with your vision. When you enter the dark room after being in the sun, you can't see pretty much anything. This how a regular camcorder behave in the dark environment. But after you spend few moments in the dark room, you start see the objects or even colours. This is how a low light camcorder acts.

The outcome you get is incredible! You are seeing a high quality picture and natural colours. Now the question is how to choose the best low light camcorder that would meet your needs. I've stumbled upon a solid read recently where the best low light camcorders on the market get reviewed. I'd recommend you to start off there.